Primal Chaos Mod Update

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NEW Update ETA

The update with the new structures is taking a bit longer than expected. This delay is due to the holidays and some last-minute changes that had to be made. So, the review process on Overwolf for this update had to be halted. Despite the delay, there are some positive changes to the update. Initially, it was planned to include new structures, some sea creatures, and one new demonic creature. However, I ended up working on more content, and the upcoming update will now feature the following: New Update:

  • Tiered base defenses, including turrets, spikes, and plant x defenses
  • Primal Tek forcefield
  • Three full water tiers
  • Three NEW Demonic creatures (one of them is a monster, like actually.)
  • Possibly one BRAND new FULL tier within the existing lower tiers
  • Various cool Elemental changes
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • BRAND new shadow attack visuals

This update is expected to be released in approximately two weeks, though it may take longer. We are conducting thorough testing before each update to ensure a quality release without the crashes that were experienced when this mod was initially launched. Content Creators I really appreciate all of you that are doing videos about primal chaos, and wanted to let you know that my DMs and the DMs of my staff are always open. Feel free to reach out to me or my staff for any questions, we don't mind. This goes especially for those of you doing mod spotlights! Sometimes, features that aren't in the game yet or are unfinished get showcased, creating a less favorable impression of the mod. We are the best source of information regarding Primal Chaos and may even provide you with exclusive content not yet released. So, don't hesitate to contact us! We appreciate all the excitement about the mod and the videos you create!

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