▫️ By entering the server, you are expected to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the server. Continuous failure to adhere to these rules may subject you to a temporary or permanent ban from the server(s) depending on the severity of the offense.

No Human, or Human variant names. This will result in you getting a new embarassing name or a ban. You will need to create a new survivor to fix your name! 
• No Lying to Admins/Moderators about ANY situation

• No building on major resource locations, explorer notes, obelisks, beaver damns, or character spawn points. Your base and dinos will be deleted

• Offline breeding is allowed but only if you do so responsibly! Make sure you have an oviraptor to pick up your eggs and use the cryo terminal to cryopod any new babies that are born! If Found offline breeding and eggs/babies everywhere you risk losing your dinos!

• No spamming pillars/foundations/etc to claim land. If you do not have a base within viewable distance you may get all your structures wiped. This is up to Admin discretion

• No Trolling(Intentionally ruining another players gaming experience) if caught Trolling it is an Immediate ban.

Be courteous and Demolish your unused buildings/traps, It is not my Job to clean up after you, If I have to remove structures it could result in you losing ALL of your structures
• Admins WILL NOT be involved in Tribe Disputes, Join and Leave Tribes at your own risk. There are settings in the Tribe Log That allow you to set User permissions. Use these to protect yourself. If you do not know how to set up permission I suggest you using the greatest tool known to man, GOOGLE.

• Do NOT build too close to another players base, if you're built so close that someone can not extend their base at least 10 foundations. Then you are too close and you will be asked to move!

• Only 1 Base and 1 Outpost Per Tribe

• Outpost may not be more than 6x6 foundations in size