First, log into The Void Gaming website. 


You will need to login to your account, You can do this by clicking on the Menu in the Top Right hand corner of the main menu.

Once you have opened up the navigation menu, scroll down to the login button and click Login

You will then be prompted to choose an option to login. You can choose whichever option you'd like but discord is probably the most convenient.

After you have successfully logged into your account, you will need to return to the menu and located the "Settings".

Click on "Settings" and locate the "Connect Account" section, you will see an area that Say "Enter Connect Code"
Once you have located this, you will want to login to Ark Survival Ascended for the next steps.

Once you have logged into Ark Survival Ascended, you will need to type "!getconneccode" in chat without the quotation marks.

You will be have to type "!getconnectcode" again without the quotation marks as a security measure.

After typing it for the second time, you will receive a code in game chat. You will then want to enter that code on the "Connect Accounts" section and Press Connect

DONE! The in-game player account is now connected to the account logged in on the Community website.