New Website!

Welcome! As of December 28th, 2023 The Void Gaming Ark Survival Ascended Website is now live!

This will bring a lot of cool new functionality to our discord and to the in game experience!

We are going to be able to access a shop directly through the website which will allow players to get items in game much faster than if an Admin had to fill orders for them!

We are going to be able to have leaderboards and such to show who our most active community members are as well as being able to see who is online and any new players in the community!

We will have a forum where we can all share information and other ark related stuff as well as being able to post guides to help out new and experienced players with game features!

We are going to be able to have conversations across all maps, and with members of the discord both in game and in discord!

And so many other features as I continue to work on things, so keep checking in for more updates to come!

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