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The Void was started in 2021 with Ark Survival Evolved. It began as a single map hosted by Null for some family and friends and blew up to over 2500 Members in our discord. We closed our Ark Survival Evolved Servers in 2023 and have Created a new community for Ark Survival Ascended.

We have the best community I think we could ever ask for, with super supportive community members who are always willing to help out and answer any questions. We have staff members who are willing and ready to help when needed and are always trying to find new and exciting event ideas for the community!

We pride ourselves on being community focused! All settings and changes to the servers are only implemented if there is a 75% or higher approval by the community and we are always looking for suggestions from the community on ways to improve because after all, the staff is just here to make sure the game is as enjoyable for the players as possible!

I welcome you to come and join us either in game, or in our discord!

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